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Inked Custom Clothing

Pricing Guide

Short Sleeve Shirts & Tank Tops

Small & Medium$12.00 + print pricing
Large & XL$14.00 + print pricing
2XL & UP$16.00 + print pricing

Long Sleeve Shirts

Small & Medium$15.00 + print pricing
Large & XL$18.00 + print pricing
2XL & UP$21.00 + print pricing


Small & Medium$30.00 + print pricing
Large & XL$35.00 + print pricing
2XL & UP$40.00 + print pricing

Print Pricing

10 x 12$10.00
14 x 16$14.00
16 x 20 $18.00
4 x 4$4.00

2nd Print on Same Piece

10 x 12$5.00
14 x 16$10.00
16 x 20 $14.00

Sleeve Prints

4 x 4$4.00 per sleeve
3 x 16$5.00 per sleeve
All prices are subject to GST and PST plus shipping (Purolator or Canada Post)

What size of shirt should you get?

Simply measure around your mid section in inches then divide by 2.
Give us that number and we will assist you.

What size of print would be best?

Below are the 3 sizes of prints on a LARGE t-shirt.
Keep in mind, the smaller the shirt, the less space you have and you should choose a smaller print.

Custom Design

$25/hr - contact for consultation
Customer provided designs may be subject to a clean up fee.